Scott Pilgrim Vs the World

I must shoutout youtube channel CinemaWins for brilliantly analyzing this film with pure enjoyment and geek wonderment. A must watch

It took me awhile to figure out that this was a videogame movie.

long form cutscenes

battles with health bars and power ups.

countdown game over title

killer intro music and

flashy pop ups

This adaptation from the mind of Brian Lee O Malley miniseries is about a dorky kid named Scott Pilgrim who is in an awesome band and is dating a girl who is amazing but then Scott is a dum dum and doesn’t know how good he has it and then has eyes for another girl. But then he has got to fight off her seven evil exes to in order to be with her.

This film can only be directed by Edgar Wright. look at his Cornetto Trilogy. His attention to storytelling and camera movment and quick comedic timing is just on another level.

This film is

part geek

part game culture

part romance

part music

part love letter to anime

part comedy

The trailer alone had me hooked

the cast is just perfect with many comedic superstars and future and former superheroes in the mix

It is just that good.

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Boston Legal

I think thanks to Who wants to be a Millionaire ABC dishes out many great promos for some great shows and it helps when your local library has copies of this show to watch. This show might be the most entertaining and EDUCATIONAL show I have ever watched. Okay and also I was crushing hard […]

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Stargate Atlantis

I might have gotten ahold of this show because of its predecessor Stargate SG-1 being too confusing to follow so the next thing being easy to follow. Thanks to my local library for having these DVDs available to binge. I honestly might be wrong about the discovery but it is just great Sci-fi from Canada […]

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Hawaii Five 0 (2010)

Hawaii Five-0 Kool-Aid | Surfing the wave on the positive side!

I remember seeing the trailer for the show and James Marsters who I adore in Smallville as Brainiac appeared and seeing Daniel Dae Kimgo from being lost on an island in Hawaii ish to being a cop in Hawaii is all I needed to join in in this ten year adventure. I remember the theme song over the years it being spoofed in Shrek 2. Yep look it up.

I also learned it ran for 12 years back in the 70s so it is quite a legacy and I think it delivered.

Steve Mcgarrett which I will happily add to the list of kick butt action heroes like Tom Cruise . Jack Bauer, James Bond, Jason Bourne, and many others is suffering from a mission gone wrong and decides to move back to Hawaii where someone he knew made it his home and decides to make a life here and meets a local cop whom he despises at first sight but they become the bromance that always was meant to be

He meets a disgraced former cop? and a surfer turned cop and together they form a task force to save lives and stop crime

This show has everything

Tom Cruise level action, stunts, fight on a tv budget

moments that will make you cry

great new cast members that will come and go that you will love instantly

beautiful great new cast members

family drama

family unity


heartfelt and heartbreaking backstories

troubled pasts

troubled in laws that turn out to be your worst nightmare

cops doing the right thing

protecting and serving

the best ad to come visit Hawaii

killer cars

never giving up and the power of Ohana

the best cop show I have ever watched

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The Goldbergs

I had the chance to rewatch some old episodes of Everybody Hates Chris and it was amazing to watch this smart comedy on the young life and times of Chris Rock, the narration was purely in the spirit of Chris Rock since it was narrated by Rock and his voiceover chimed in at the right […]

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The Middle

So when the lovely and talented actress from Everybody Loves Raymond and the actor who crushed it on Scrubs star together in a show and it resembles the tone and style of Malcolm in the Middle, I mean it has got to be good. It’s science What is so refreshing is that this is the […]

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Teen Wolf

It always a nice thing when someone recommends a show to watch. I am intrigued but at the same time, I am not sure if the show is really going to be worth my time. So I’m talking with my friend Crosby during some downtime at my shift and Diagon Alley. He tells me about […]

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars

I believe it was after Revenge of the Sith was released or before Sith, but I want to say to the power of Cartoon Network that drew me into the micro series that debuted in 2003. What cinematic wonder thanks to the genius of Genndy Tartakovsky and his crew for expanding the universe. Fast forward […]

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